What We Need the Most Today: Pessimism –> Optimism –> Activism

I was going through some of the old posts by Jessica Hagy and came across this one, which is so relevant to the world that we are living in today. So much so that i could not stop but sharing this. Not just content to share it on my twitter or Facebook feeds, but on my blog.

Today, we live in a world that is full of people who are not very optimistic about what our future holds for us. Depending upon which side of the equation, you fall in, the political systems around the world are becoming more and more fragile. Autocratic democracy is what I am seeing around the world. Then there is the issue of terrorism, of civil wars and of occupied territories and a lot more. There is enough news around us to make us feel depressed about our near future.

However, I think that there is a lot that is happening that is good as well. As humans, we are hard wired to look at the negatives more than the positives that surround us. Tim Harford, shares his top 5 reasons to be optimistic about the future. Then there are people who are taking it up on themselves to find what is great around us and share it with all of us – like The Logical Indian does.

I strongly believe that we are living in a time when, we as a human race have a lot going for us. We need to consciously fight the pessimism around us. This can done not just by being optimistic, but becoming activists.

I am sure that everyone of us has at least one topic that is close to our hearts. Some like music, some movies, some to read, some to write, some to serve, some to create art. Irrespective of what is close to our hearts, we need to pick that topic and instead of being just an observer, we decide to act on the topic.

Instead of hoping that someone will act and make this world a better place – we need to realise that its we who need to act to make our world a better place. I know that this is not easy, but everything that is worth doing is generally not easy.

Let’s also be clear about the purpose why I hope we will all start becoming activists – it is not to fight anyone or against anything, but to prove that we humans are anti-fragile. We usually get better in the face of adversity, this time and every time.

I can’t expect you to become an activist without first becoming one – that would not be fair on my part. I have started my own activism – to help myself and my friends and colleagues become better humans and improve our very understanding of how we lead our lives and make our decisions. I have started doing this by creating a short video everyday and upload the same on YouTube as part of my playlist: Thoughts for the Day – Everyday.

You can look at all the videos already posted below and follow along if this is of interest to you.

Lets commit to moving up from being a pessimist, finding faults with everything around us, to becoming an optimist believing that we are lucky to be living at this exact time frame with opportunities all around us and finally graduating to becoming an activist – acting on our beliefs and convictions.

So, what are your belief’s and convictions? What are you going to act upon?