PBTO51: Non-Obvious Trends with Rohit Bhargava

Who is on the show:

In this episode we host, Rohit Bhargava. He is a “non-obvious” trend curator, founder of the Influential Marketing Group, and an expert in helping brands and leaders be more influential.

He is the Wall Street Journal best selling author of five books on topics as wide ranging as the future of business, building a brand with personality, and why leaders never eat cauliflower.

Rohit has advised hundreds of global brands and also teaches marketing at Georgetown University.

A two-time TEDx speaker, Rohit has keynoted events in 31 countries and is regularly featured as a marketing expert by media such as The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, and NPR.

Why is he on the show:

In his latest book Non-Obvious 2017, he shares 15 trends in 3 different areas that he considers important and will play a very important role in the near future. He has been sharing his list of trends for the past 7 years and what makes him different from other trend curators is that he also goes back to his predictions in the past and explores if the trend was a hit or a miss and why.

What are we talking about:

In this free-wheeling conversation, we talk about:

  • What are some of the trends that he has covered in his 2017 edition of the book – Non-Obvious
  • How he goes about identifying these trends ?
  • The Haystack method of curating trends. How does he benefit from riding the trends and how he thinks you can do the same as well?
  • How does he learn and stay up-to-date?
  • What is it that he thinks is so obvious but people miss and hence becomes non-obvious
  • His method of curating his weekly newsletter
  • His experience of running a business and what he learnt from it

How can you reach him:

You can reach him on twitter at @RohitBhargava or through LinkedIn. You can sign up for his weekly newsletter here. You will get a ton of great, insightful and interesting articles to read through every Thursday.


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