PBTO52: Good Marketing Opens Minds and Good Sales Closes Deals – Krishnan Chatterjee

Who is on the show: 

In this episode, we host Krishnan Chatterjee. He is a musician and a marketer. He heads marketing for SAP Indian sub-continent. He stumbled his way through IIM-A into the corporate jungle. Became the Head of Marketing for a large IT Company-a journey in which he used his voice in keynote speeches and such like. Came to his senses in the late noughties with the realization that your identity lies in what you create – and not in position, possession or power. Discovered songs don’t need much writing, and promptly adopted white collar rock to blow off creative steam.

Why is he on the show: 

He has great clarity in thought, thinks in frameworks and I have found to be to-the-point no-nonsense marketer. He also has great insights about the role of the marketing function and how it needs to evolve within a business.

What do we talk about: 

In this free-wheeling conversation, we talk about the following:

  • Difference between marketing a services company and a product company
  • How has marketing evolved over the times and stays relevant in an ever changing world
  • Importance of remark-ability & advocacy in todays world
  • Importance of delivering on the promise of the brand
  • Compelling event marketing (Amul)
  • Z-CMO – CMO in the zero moment
  • Should Marketing be part of the product development cycle?
  • Marketing’s Market making capability
  • Competency Model
    • Ability to know your Audience like the back of your hand
    • Know what competency is our strengths
    • Excellence – Name and describle why you are worldclass
    • Affirmative Action – Can you generate urgency and momentum to the business
    • Strategist – Are you able to conceptualize original ideas
    • Leader – Ability to bring ideas to fruition
  • Top challenges of a CMO and how to tackle them

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How Can I Connect with him: 

You can connect with Krishnan at www.contraband.in and on LinkedIn .

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