Story of the First Digital Camera

In this short 4 min video, the inventor of digital camera, Steven Sasson shares how the first digital camera that he developed worked.

He also shares his insights on how to present a novel idea to an audience, so as to not confuse them.

He also shares a very important insight that as inventors and makers of products, we should not forget that there is a lag of time between the time that we concieve or invent something and the time we are able to actually bring it to market. During this time, there are other inventors who are also working to invent new technologies and better products. Also, during this time period the customer might have moved on and the need that we try to satisfy no longer exists for them.

Very nostalgic and insightful 3:42 mins. Thanks David for creating the portrait. You can find more such portraits here.

For a much more in-dept discussion on the entire story of how he invented the digital camera in an interview he did for the Internet History Podcast here.