Importance of Silence and Reflection in the Life of an Entrepreneur

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Premise: We are living in a world where there are just too many demands on our attention as entrepreneurs. There is the internal chatter about our people, products, processes, etc. Then there is the external chatter of marketing, networking, selling and to top it all off, there is social media and NEWS (fake or otherwise). Add to this there is a huge movement about increasing productivity. Every other blog (at times, this one included) tries to gives us hacks that can help us increase our productivity. So, in this environment, it is quite natural for us to try to use all […]

Timing And Entrepreneurs

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Premise: One of the things that a lot of entrepreneurs who failed in their first attempt at starting and running their enterprise attribute their failure to is – Timing. They complain that their timing was wrong. They were much ahead of time. The users or customers were not mature enough to adopt their product or service. Some wanna be entrepreneurs use timing as their crutch. They are waiting for the right time to launch thier business. This is not the right time, the economy is not doing very well, or is doing too well. The timing is not really great from […]

What could Tiffany’s Do?

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Premise: Last week the Wall St. Journal featured a story on Tiffany & Co’s “midlife crisis.” The piece highlighted the jewellery brand’s struggle to regain its “cool” and improve recently tepid sales and profits. A few days later they announced the hiring of a new CEO. Tiffany is hardly the only brand that is going through such a crisis. There is a lesson that all of us can learn from the experience of Tiffany and to a certain extent, even JC Penny. Steve Dennis on his blog talks about the customer trapeze. The customer trapeze is the idea of a brand hoping to […]

Start From Where You Are

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One of the questions that a lot of wannabe entrepreneurs ask all the time is if there is a right age to start their entrepreneurial journey. In this short video, Entrepreneur and business coach Marie Forleo shares a list of 10 women role models, who started their journey and late in their lives and went on to see a lot of success. This only shows us that age is just a number. We need to start from where we are. Enjoy The video. All you need is the problem that you are passionate to solve, some ingenuity, a good dose of […]

Entrepreneurs Bring Ideas to Life

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Premise: Today, we have machines which can work as assembly line workers, hotel clerks, concierge, nurses, companions for elders, lawyers, doctors, drivers, artists, journalists, gamers, coaches, board members and many more. The value proposition for businesses to employ more and more machines is strong and will get stronger with the increasing capabilities and complexities of these machines and dropping costs. Add to this, the already accelerating trend of organizations looking to hire contract employees rather than full-time employees, both to reduce cost and to leverage the global talent pool rather than limit themselves to the local talent pool. What this […]