The Future of Banking –  Promises and Threats

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The past decade has already seen a lot of industry structures being redefined with leaders going bust and new age companies taking their place. One of the industries that seems to be on the cusp of going through a similar upheaval seems to be the banking industry.  If you look at what a bank does at its core, it is only two things:  Collect money from parties (individuals, businesses and governments) and keep them safe and pay them whenever they need the same back. Banks in most economies pays a simple interest (and in some countries, charge a fee to […]

Google to Alphabet and a New Model for Organisational Growth

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Google founders Sergey and Larry have the knack of doing unconventional things. They have done it again by giving birth to a parent company for Google – Alphabet. In a blog post, that seems to have surprised almost everyone, Larry explains their reasoning behind the need to create Alphabet and how the new structure will provide focus, leadership and independence to all their businesses, while allowing both Sergey and Larry the time and latitude to focus on their moonshots or the big bets that they are going after. In my opinion, the move is a good move because of the following reasons: This […]

Shift from Competing Organizations to Competing Networks

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In the past few years, I have started seeing a definite trend that is shaping up and one that can have an immense impact on all of us and how we do business. There is more competition between networks of organizations competing with each other rather than individual organizations competing. This was prevalent in the B2B space in the IT industry, where software vendors would team up with hardware vendors and implementation partners and go to market together. They win the deal together or lose the deal together to a different network. Airlines around the world always had these networks […]

Some Possibilities for Re-inventing Video Advertisements

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One of the most sacred piece of consumer advertising in the past was the 6 second spot in Television. Advertisers qued up to buy the spots and display their advertisements. Ad agencies and spot buyers were in vogue as they were the levers that enabled brands in their quest for more consumers. All this is about to change and the advertising agencies are in for a disruption. This opinion of mine is based on the following trends that I see playing out in the markets: Despite having changed medium (Television to online streaming videos), video advertising did not change. They […]

The Real Higher Education Challenge

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Recently, there has been a lot of discussion around Higher education and how this is creating student debt at an alarming rate. There are estimates which out student debt in US alone at more than a trillion dollars. The common thinking seems to be to look at ways to reduce the overall cost of delivery of education. MOOC’s seem to be the flavor of the season as they can obviously reduce the cost of delivery by leveraging technology. However, in my opinion, we are trying to address a symptom and not the root cause. I think that the root cause […]