What Keep us from Living Upto Our Potential and How to Overcome It?

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What Stops Us from Living Upto Our Potential and How to Overcome the same by Mukesh Gupta Maximilien Van Aertryck and Axel Danielson are documentary filmmakers based in Gothenburg, Sweden, who have worked together since 2013. They created a short film where they recruited 67 people who have never jumped into a swimming pool from a height of 10m (by paying them an equivalent of 30 USD) and filmed these participants while they decided to jump or not and their actual jump. Maximilien, on his website says, People who have never been up there before have to choose whether to […]

Lessons in Leadership from An Elephant, A Rhino and A Penguin

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Lessons from an elephant, a rhino and a penguin by Mukesh Gupta I came across this video from the FilmBilder channel (they were part of my 20 insanely interesting people I found in 2016) on YouTube, that symbolises what we see in and around us – at work and at home. First, lets watch the short 3 min video: This video is about three friends – An elephant, a Rhino and a penguin. It is winter and freezing cold all around. The elephant and the rhino are shivering with cold and are feeling miserable. Then comes the penguin – playing in the […]

Skills, Attitudes and Habits that Make Us Better Leaders

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We all know (either by experience or by research) that people who like us and trust us are much more likely to work with us or refer us or our services to their peers, friends and social circles. In his book “Top of Mind“, John Hall talks about some rules, skills and habits that can help us become more likeable, trust worthy and top-of-mind, as he calls. These are: Shift the spotlight: This is easy to say but extremely difficult to do. A lot of us enjoy being in the spotlight and find it difficult to leave it, let along […]

The 4C’s of Leadership

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4C’s of Leadership by Mukesh Gupta We live in an era where each one of us as professionals need to continuously invest in upskilling, cross-skilling and learning on an ongoing basis, whether or not our organisations invests in us. As part of my learning plan, I attended a conference yesterday – The GIIMS, The Great Indian IT Marketing Summit 2017, organised by Paul Writer. Jessie Paul, CEO of Paul Writer held a fire-side chat with Sushma Rajagopalan, MD, CEO, ITC Infotech. As part of the fireside chat she mentioned that she has a list of qualities that indicates if someone is […]

Empathy and Sympathy

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Empathy & Sympathy by Mukesh Gupta One of the most difficult things for me when it comes to building strong bonds with people I constantly interact with, is the ability to empathise. I always was capable of intellectually understanding what the other person was going through but always found it extremely difficult to feel what they were feeling. I never quite understood why that was the case. I know a lot of people who are similar to me in this regard, so when I came across a resource that can significantly impact this aspect of our personality, I decided to […]