What Successful Marketing looks like

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I see marketing as successful if The focus of the effort was the consumer and she doesn’t feel like she is marketed to but feels like someone understood her better! She doesn’t feel like she is part of a target market but like an individual that she is! You have a conversation with her and not talk to her! When she feels and interacts with the marketing activity but doesn’t see it! It creates a emotional relationship with her along with a transactional relationship! This is simple but not easy!    

Lessons in Storytelling That I learnt from TED Conference Speakers

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Lessons in Storytelling From TED Conference Speakers by Mukesh Gupta Premise: Story telling has been one of the most memorable and influential ways to spread ideas. The TED conference is so popular because the speakers in the conference are mostly good at telling stories – stories that they are passionate about and that passion spills over to the audience and we are able to connect. Also, note that the duration of these talks are not very long. So, I wanted to learn if there are any story telling secrets that i can learn from the TED speakers. Also, I thought […]

The Tale of Amar, Akbar, Anthony and What They All Need to Succeed

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Three Friends Meet three friends – Amar, Akbar & Anthony. Amar is an entrepreneur. He thinks that he is unemployable and wants to¬†always remain his own boss. He is self-driven, creative, knows what he wants and has the ability to inspire people. He is not afraid of taking risks and following his dreams. He dreams big and wants to make it big some-day. He believes in his own ability and pursues his dreams. He co-founded a startup and is busy creating the next billion dollar product. Akbar is also like Amar, but a bit more conservative. He wants to go […]

10 Principles of Timeless Design

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Good Design is by Mukesh Gupta I was reading about design and what design looks and feels like when I stumbled onto the 10 commandments of timeless designs that the legendary designer Dieter Rams had created to critically look at his own designs, early in his career. When I look at these commandments, I would call them principles of design, I felt that just like the designs that these commandments help become timeless, these commandments themselves are timeless. So, I wanted to not just share a link to an article or a poster, but actually list down these commandments on […]

PBTO52: Good Marketing Opens Minds and Good Sales Closes Deals – Krishnan Chatterjee

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http://traffic.libsyn.com/pushingbeyondtheobvious/52_PBTO52__Good_Marketing_Opens_Minds_and_good_sales_closes_deals_-_Krishnan_Chatterjee.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSS Who is on the show:¬† In this episode, we host Krishnan Chatterjee. He is a musician and a marketer. He heads marketing for SAP Indian sub-continent. He stumbled his way through IIM-A into the corporate jungle. Became the Head of Marketing for a large IT Company-a journey in which he used his voice in keynote speeches and such like. Came to his senses in the late noughties with the realization that your identity lies in what you create – and not in position, possession or power. […]