Interesting advertisement that left me wanting for more..

The latest ad from Airtel (HFZ) has left me wanting for more. I think the reasons the ad works for me are:

  1. Everyone has friends and some special friends. So, the ad which is primarily shot with young college kids also connects with everyone at an emotional level.
  2. The music & lyrics are very peppy and put life in the concept. This is also because, everyone of us have friends who fit each description they have used in the lyrics.
I think that Airtel needs to come up with service offers which can feed off from this advert. Maybe introduce something like a HFZ plan. The plan should enable people to define a friends circle and then the plan should make it easier for these people in the circle to stay in touch.

For now, let’s just sit back and enjoy the advertisement. 

Leveraging virtual connections

Yesterday, one of my friends said that he needed some help to find himself a part-time job in the bay area and if I know someone who could help him land this. He wants to shift base from India to the US so that he can run his start-up. The only people I know in the bay area are on Twitter. Now, given this situation, I want to explore if I can leverage these connections on the virtual world to help my friend in need. 

Now this raises a few questions which I will seek answers for by trying to help my friend in need –

  1. Do people connected via social media really connect with each other? Will they be as inclined or open to helping their connections/friends/followers as they would one of their friends whom they know personally?
  2. Do people really want to connect in the real world or are contented to just stay connected virtually?
  3. If yes, Can we create a business model out of this to make money? How can this be enabled via technology?
Maybe I will have some answers, post my bid to help my friend..  

How to deliver a killer presentation

Today, I was going through my video collections and stumbled upon the video of my (6 year old) son’s graduation day speech which he delivered using a power point slide show. Now that I watch the video and remember the slides that he used (which I prepared for him with my wife), I can not help but get awed at the enormous potential we all possess as children.

As my son was 6 year old when he delivered the presentation, we could not use bullet points or text in the slides. 

We were forced to use only pictures that we had taken during his 2 year tenure at the school.
       1st rule of delivering impactful presentation – Minimal (or no) use of text in your slides. 

Since, the slides were pictures of his journey in school, my son was able to talk about the pictures in his own style. 

My wife worked with him on just a few aspects of the presentation, most noticeably, getting him to remember to thank all the teachers and staff before moving on to the next slide. She made him practice the delivery of the presentation atleast 15 times before he actually delivered it on stage.

       2nd rule of delivering impactful presentation – rehearsals are crucial
      3rd rule of delivering impactful presentation – engaging the audience is critical.

Unknowingly, when he was thanking all the teachers and staff, he was engaging with them at a physical and emotional level. This also helped the audience connect with him.

My son was talking about his experience in the journey of 2 years at the school. The parents could relate to him as their kids also had similar experienced the same journey.

       4th rule of delivering impactful presentation – relate with the audience.

If audiences do not relate to what is being presented, they quickly become bored and you lose their attention. And it is very difficult to get their attention back during the same presentation.

Finally, his entire presentation lasted about 4 ½ mins. This helped him in keeping his audience’s attention.

       5th rule of delivering impactful presentation – Keep it as simple and short as possible.

If required have a Q&A session or an open discussion rather than go on for an hour or so with no one caring to listen.

Hope you enjoyed my son’s presentation and learn some presentation skills. 

5000$ Hamburger

Here is a video of a keynote by Jeremy Gutsche on Innovation process and packaging these innovations. I enjoyed this video and hope you do so as well.