PBTO7: The Importance of Doing it Right over Getting it Done for Sales Leaders

Matt Heinz
Matt Heinz
Matt Heinz

In this episode, we host Matt Heinz. Matt is President at Heinz Marketing and brings more than 15 years of marketing, business development and sales experience from a variety of organizations, vertical industries and company sizes. His career has focused on delivering measurable results for his employers and clients in the way of greater sales, revenue growth, product success and customer loyalty.

In 2007, Matt began Heinz Marketing to help clients focus their business on market and customer opportunities, then execute a plan to scale revenue and customer growth.

This episode in a way is very useful for sales leaders and aspiring sales leaders. We cover some very important topics like:

  1. What are some of the most common mistakes sales leaders commit
  2. What can sales managers do to help their teams to become more productive?
  3. How should sales managers should be measured on (Getting it done and doing it right)
  4. Social Selling in a B2B context & what can sales organizations do to benefit from the social selling processes..
  5. Relevance of marketing and their role in the new world & how can marketing help make the sales teams more effective
  6. How should Sales & marketing teams could work together better
  7. Marketing folks who understand technology or techies who understand marketing?
  8. What role does the CEO play in the overall sales success?
  9. How do you look for when you hire your sales reps?
  10. One mistake that sales managers commit which is so obvious to others but could be difficult for themselves to realize?

Listen in to the interesting conversation and enjoy the ride.


PBTO6: How to Turn Yourself into a Sales Rockstar

Paul Castain
Paul Castain

In this episode, we host Paul Castain, who is the Vice President of Rock Star Development for Castain Training Systems,  where he works with organizations and individuals who want to sell more and sell better. He is also the founder of the LinkedIn group “Sales Playbook”, a group with more than 40000 members and one that is totally spam free.

In this conversation, we talk about a lot of important topics for the sales executive and sales leaders:

We talk about how taking action (starting Sales Playbook group on LinkedIn) has been one of the most important decisions that he ever made in his business.

We also talk about some tips to transform yourself into a sales rockstar:

  • The importance of developing different styles of selling and the ability to switch styles (some call it adapting to your customer) based on the feedback you get as you go along.
  • The importance of Empathy (to your customers, to your sales leaders, to your other colleagues) in selling successfully
  • 3 of the most frequent mistakes that sales executives and leaders do and how to avoid them
  • The power of uninterrupted time at the start of the day to do your most important tasks
  • How micro-managing managers destroy the productivity of sales reps & what can they do to get out of this habit
  • The importance of having an always up-to-date CRM system
  • Some of the common traits in highly successful sales leaders
  • Some common mistakes that sales leaders do and how to avoid them
  • Paul’s thoughts on the Sales vs Marketing debate
  • Social selling – what it really is and some tips for the sales reps to excel at it
  • The importance of investing in training

I strongly recommend that you join the Sales Playbook community and start engaging with the great folks there. You can also reach out to Paul on twitter @PaulCastain

You can join the Summer Sales Camp here.

PBTO5: Innovation, Design Thinking and Solving Complex Problems

Lakshman Pachineela Seshadri
Lakshman Pachineela Seshadri

In this episode, we host Lakshman, who heads the innovation practice for the consulting division of SAP, based in India and also a visiting faculty at the Hasso Plattner Institute, Potsdam, Germany. 

In this conversation, we talk about the importance of defining the right problem to solve, as the first step in any innovation practice.

Lucky also shares his views on how to build a practice capable of being able to innovate on a consistent basis.

We also talk about Design Thinking, its history, the key components of this philosophy and how we can use this to solve complex problems.

He also shares information about the lens from which one could look at ideas to develop further in the innovation cycle.

We also discuss the importance of leadership in the success of innovation practice and some attributes of good leaders.

If you are in the process of solving a complex problem or part of an innovation project, I would like to invite you to join the conversation to gain a different perspective.

Some more resources for Design Thinking:

You can connect with Lucky by email or connect with him on LinkedIn.

PBTO4: Getting Hooked On Customers With Bob Thompson

Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson

Welcome to episode number 4 of “Pushing Beyond the Obvious”. In this episode, we have with us Bob Thompson, CEO & editor of www.customerThink.com, the biggest online community about customers and customer centricity.

Bob has recently released his book #HookedOnCustomers. We shall talk to him today about what does customer centricity mean and everything that goes along with it.

We talk about

  • The fact that most customer centric organizations are such, because their operational fabric is such that they do listen to their customers and act upon it and this is not part of a special program or a project.
  • CRM, Customer Experience Management, social businesses & big data have become buzz words and without the right culture behind the efforts, they do more harm to the business. 
  • The role of Chief Customer Officers & how it is critical to have the CEO assume that role.
  • Some of the mistakes that firms do in their journey towards becoming customer centric and how they can avoid them.
  • What role can the sales, marketing and customer service teams play in the journey
  • When is it not a good idea to listen to your customers (with a good example).
  • The steps that he outlines in his book, Hooked on Customer (which by the way is a great book & you should pick it up): Listen, Think, Empower, Create & Delight.

This chat provides some very good insights if you want to or already are on your journey to becoming customer centric.

Hope you enjoy the chat.

You can connect with Bob on www.hookedoncustomers.com or www.customerthink.com.


PBTO3: What Matters is Execution, Not Ideas

Meron Bareket
Meron Bareket

In this episode, we host Meron Bareket, the host of  “Inspiring Innovation Podcast” and the person behind the Inspiring Innovation Podcast Incubator, where he walks through all the steps that one needs to go through to set-up and start a podcast of their own. I am bringing this podcast to you by following his instructions as well.

We had a very interesting conversation about entrepreneurship, his journey from making software to how he got a job at the local Israeli radio, his iPad only magazine –“Inspiring Innovation” and his current role as the host of “Inspiring Innovation” podcast.

He also talks about the pivots that he has had to make from being an editor for the online magazine to being a podcaster.

We also talk about entrepreneurship, the challenges of being an online entrepreneur and how he addresses them. We also talk about Mastermind groups and their significance in the life of an online entrepreneur.

He also shares his secret of getting interesting guests for the podcasts.

You can find more about Meron and connect with him @ http://www.meronbareket.com/.

The inspiring innovation podcast is at https://itunes.apple.com/podcast/inspiring-innovation-podcast/id638774259.

The inspiring innovation podcast incubator to learn podcasting @ http://inspiring-innovation.com/

Other Podcasts that were mentioned in the podcast:

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