Simple Things That Could Hold You Back in Your Transformation Journey

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Simple Things by Mukesh Gupta Do we still need policies I do a lot of travel as part of my work and one of the side-effects of this kind of travel is for us to submit our expenses to get the expenses reimbursed. One of these expense request got rejected with the reason that this is not according to policy and if I need to get the same approved, I need an approval from my CFO as an exception approval. I wrote to the CFO and he approved the request as it was a valid expense that I had incurred for […]

How to Get Better at Dealing with Change

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We live in an age where we see accelerating change all around us. Large, extremely successful businesses go bankrupt in a matter of years, if not quarters; companies with billion dollar evaluations are born in the matter of years; as consumers, there is something new that is becoming a rage almost every week. Change is all around us. Whether we like it or not, we will have to deal with change – in our personal lives as well as in our professional lives. The question then is the following: Do we embrace change and benefit from it or resist change […]

Strategies for Employee Engagement in a Gig Economy

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EY recently announced the results of a Contingent Workforce Study that unearths key insights into the nature of the freelance or contingent workforce (the “gig economy”). Some of the key insights from the study regarding the future state of the Gig economy that they quote are as below: By 2020, 25% of organizations expect to use 30% or more contingent workers and the proportion using less than 10% will fall from 35% in 2016 to 22% in 2020. The gig economy is going to continue to grow, by 2020 almost one in five workers will be contingent workers. Two in […]

To Grow Fast, You Need to Slow Down

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Everyone wants to grow! Everyone is running fast towards soemthing that they think will help them grow – in business, in their jobs, in their personal life. Growth is critical in every sphere of life as without growth, things stagnate and eventually die. While it is important to keep moving and keep growing, it is important to understand what enables us to grow and grow in the right direction. Just speeding towards growth without realising what the growth will bring or if the direction is the right one, only ensures that the growth that we gain not only doesnot help […]

The Future of Automotive Industry

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There is a lot going on in the automotive industry, specifically the car segment. I will use cars as an example to detail out the challenges that the industry faces. All passenger vehicle segments have similar or sometime even tougher challenges. There is all the buzz around connected vehicles, the self driving car, the flying car, electric cars and a lot more. On the surface, it looks like it’s an exciting time to be a car manufacturer, but I can imagine the difficult times that they are in for. There are multiple disruptive forces that are in play in the […]