Filming Fireworks from Within (using a drone)

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Questions that Every Entrepreneur Should Ask

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This post talks about questions that need to be answered to take a business in a growth trajectory

The Art of Leading Change

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Hindu scriptures talk about three basic components that all matter is made up of: Sattva – A bias towards Knowledge Rajas – A bias towards action Tamas – A bias towards inertia These are the same components that are required in leading change initiatives. Knowledge: It is critical that the leaders of the change initiative know the reasons for the change that they want to bring in. They should have answers to questions like Why is the change necessary? Why now? What will successful transition look like What is in it for everyone who is involved? What needs to change […]


Word for the Day: Excitement

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Last week we celebrated my son’s 10th birthday. Apart from a set of gifts that we got him, his uncle and aunt decided to gift him a tablet and asked us to choose one for him. After a lot of research, discussion, debates and online search, we zeroed in on two models – a windows tab from Acer and Google Nexus. We then announced it to my son that he will get a tab of his own and that we are considering one of these two options. To say the least, he was totally elated and excited. His excitement reminded […]

Is Organizational Velocity the Ultimate Competitive advantage?

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I have noticed that all large organizations that fail, have one thing in common: They fail because they are not able to change how they run their business fast enough with the changing business environment. Until last century, the change in the environment was slow and took a long time to take root – so, organizations had the crucial element of time on their side and could re-invent themselves to stay relevant or die a long & painful death. The convergence of internet, mobile, and a change in the demographic of the consumer has meant that organizations today don’t have […]