Read This if You are A Sales Executive or a Sales Leader: Best Among What I Read – Sales Edition

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Best Among What I Read by Mukesh Gupta If you know me at all, you would already know that I read a lot of stuff – right from business topics like (Sales, Innovation, Leadership, Marketing) to personal topics like philosophy, religion, psychology, habit formation, economics and the lot. I used to share a collection of articles that I really thought were well written or were thought provoking for me, almost everyday till a few months back. Some of my readers have indicated that they miss those collections in place, that it saves them time and requested that I start posting […]

20 Insanely Interesting People I Came to Know in 2016

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One of the things I do over time is to discover new people and learn from new sources. I had shared my earlier list of 25 insanely interesting people in 2014. You can find that list here. So, here is a list of some of the insanely interesting people that i came across in 2016. I do hope you will find some of these people and the great work that they are doing interesting enough to start following them. I must say that I was fortunate enough to discover these people online and learn so much from them. I do hope that […]

Best Among What I Read Today, The Personal Development Edition – Jan 3rd, 2017

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In this edition of Best Among what I read, I would like to share some of the best content that I came across this week, from a personal development perspective. Focus Is the New Currency of Success In this post, Anthony Iannarino (who was on the podcast earlier) talks about the importance of where we focus and spend our attention and the impact that this can have on our lives. If there is only one thing that we could improve upon to make the biggest impact in our lives, it would be our ability to focus and do deep work. You […]

PBTO45: The Only Sales Guide You Will Ever Need with Anthony Iannarino

Posted on 1 CommentPosted in Podcast, Sales Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSS Who is on the show today: In this episode, we host Anthony Iannarino. He is an international keynote speaker, author and a sales leader. He posts daily sales tips and insights on his blog – This is one of the most widely read sales blog in the world.  Why is he on the show: Apart from his blog, he also hosts a podcast – “In the Arena” and has written the book – ‘The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need”. He’s an adjunct faculty member […]

Best Among What I Read Today – 12th May 2016

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This is a collection of posts that I read and found interesting. Hope you find this interesting as well.