Jeffrey Baumgartner

PBTO10: Creativity, Innovation & Anti-Conventional Thinking

Posted on 1 CommentPosted in Innovation, Podcast Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSSWho is Jeffrey? In this episode, we host Jeffrey Baumgartner. He is an entrepreneur, artist, teacher, author and an innovation consultant and not ¬†your typical Innovation consultant. He is the author of the book, “The Way of the Innovation Master” & “The Insane Journey” He is also the creator of a new & effective creative thinking methodology called “Anti-Conventional Thinking” as an alternative to traditional brainstorming methods. He also runs the Report 103, which is one of the longest running eJournal or blog on creativity and innovation […]

The Seven Core Tenets of Anticonventional Thinking

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The Seven Core Tenets of Anticonventional Thinking. This makes a very interesting read. Most of the tenets of ACT (anti-conventional thinking) goes against traditional brainstorming or idea generation processes. I guess that is why it is called Anti-conventional. Though I agree with most of what is being subscribed, I have to say that this is very difficult process to use in a traditional organization. This needs highly creative and self-assured people, who can take criticism, ¬†build on ideas (thiers and others), and trust each other a lot! If any of the above are not present, this could be a recepie […]