Read This if You are A Sales Executive or a Sales Leader: Best Among What I Read – Sales Edition

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Best Among What I Read by Mukesh Gupta If you know me at all, you would already know that I read a lot of stuff – right from business topics like (Sales, Innovation, Leadership, Marketing) to personal topics like philosophy, religion, psychology, habit formation, economics and the lot. I used to share a collection of articles that I really thought were well written or were thought provoking for me, almost everyday till a few months back. Some of my readers have indicated that they miss those collections in place, that it saves them time and requested that I start posting […]

The Art of Storytelling For Business

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It is well known that all of us make most of our decisions based on our emotions rather than pure logic or intellect or rationality. So, if we are to influence people and their decisions, we need to learn about moving them emotionally enough to get them to make a decision in our favour. The best way for us to do so is by telling good stories, stories that they can related to and move with. I saw this video by Ameen Haque, who is the CEO of Storywallahs, which he delivered at the Google complex and was moved enough […]

PBTO36: Why Giving a Damn is Underrated and Caring is a Competitive Advantage with Bernadette Jiwa

Posted on Leave a commentPosted in Marketing, Podcast Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSS In this post, we host best selling author, Bernadette Jiwa.¬†She has a blog “The Story of Telling” where she shares her thoughts on marketing and branding in general and brand story telling in particular. She is one of the top 100 marketing/branding experts to follow on Twitter. In this conversation, we dig deep into her latest book – Meaningful. She shares multiple stories that form the crux of her Story Strategy blueprint. You can find all the case studies that she mentions here. You can reach […]

Best Among What I Read today – 4th May 2016

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This post talks about diverse topics like Cardboard House, 3D printed wheelchair, quantum computing & running meetings effectively.

Your Product is Not Your Product

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This post talks about one of the biggest reasons why products fail in the market.