Why Clay Christensen and Michael Porter Could Both be Wrong About the Future of Higher-Ed

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The Stand Off: There has been a lot of buzz around Harvard Business School starting their own version of MOOC, HBX, and the debates and arguments between two of the best minds in strategy in the world today – Clay Christensen & Michael Porter. By creating HBX, Harvard finally decided to bet on Porter’s strategy, that the core business strategy of a firm should remain unchanged and every part of the business need to reinforce this core strategy. There has been a lot of debate about who among the titans has got this right. Both could be wrong In my […]

Future of The NewsPaper Industry

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Jeff Bezos has stirred up a lot of interest in the News Paper Industry by acquiring “The Washington Post” in his individual capacity. There are a lot of expectations now from him and Washington Post to define the future of this industry. If he succeeds to turn-around the loss making paper, that could pave the way for the other players in the industry to follow suit. If he fails to turn this around, people think that it could very well signal the end of an era. As part of an experiment, I thought what would make me love my newspaper […]

Lessons from a Failed (Billion Dollar) Business Model Innovation Attempt

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In May this year, Better Place, an auto tech company filed for bankruptcy, burning close to a billion dollars. They had a brilliant solution to a complex problem. Their idea was to replace fossil fuels with batteries – literally. What this meant was that as you re-fuel your cars with gasoline, you could get your batteries changed at a fuel station. This was in stark contrast to all the other start-ups in this space, who have been working on increasing the range of their batteries to go longer distances or increase the speed at which one could charge the batteries […]

Idea for a disruptive biz-model innovation for banks

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There is a lot of discussions and activities around the revival of the good old ATM. Some are trying to make these machines more Customer-centric like Wells Fargo. Some are trying to improve the overall user experience of the ATM like Diebold. However, the true question should be the following: “Do we even need an ATM? Is there a better, easier, faster way to manage cash than via an ATM?” The first bank to figure out the answer to this question has the potential to truly disrupt the banking industry from a cash management perspective. One way that I think could be […]

People – to – People banking services by CivilisedMoney

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The Crowdsourcing business model has been around for sometime now and has proven to be a good business model for independent artists to fund their projects. Now, CivilisedMoney is trying to use the same concept to help peer-to-peer financial services in the UK. CivilisedMoney’s was founded by Neil Crofts and Jason Scottgoal. Civilisedmoney will use people-to-people networks to create an ethical, transparent alternative to the existing financial services industry. As they say – “It’s banking with people, not banks.” The concept is very similar to the age old concept of a co-operative bank or a chit fund operated in India. The […]