Building High Performing Sales Teams

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Are you under constant pressure to deliver an ever increasing sales targets? Do you want to explore if there is a way that you can build a culture that enables high performing sales teams and guide them to consistently push the limits and deliver quarter after quarter? Then join me in my quest to find out what it takes to build such a culture. In my opinion, there are three components that contribute to building a culture that enables a high performing sales teams: Sales Process – Do you have a clearly defined sales process and do your sales execs […]

Are large Indian retailers battle ready?

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In their current state of operations, Indian organized retailers are in no way equipped to compete with the likes of Walmart, Tesco or Target. Let me re-count to you my experience based on which I have come to this conclusion. Last week, I went grocery shopping with my wife to a large format retail store in Bangalore. I was appalled at the thoughtless design of the store and the lack of the willingness to serve the customers in the entire staff. In my opinion, there are 2 key performance areas which are critical for a retailer to succeed in a […]

Future of customer service in a social world

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In the good old days, if we had to contact our bank or for that matter any business, we used to reach out to our phones and give them a call. The call would then be routed to a call center (usually, after about 10-15 minutes of listening to some music that would be played while we waited for an agent to get free and take our call). This, of course would be after having had to find our way through the maze of options (which used to be so complicated that it required us to be entirely focused on […]

Customer centricity & Chief Customer Officers

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In the recent times, we have started to see a lot of organizations pay a lot more attention to their customers and have inducted Chief Customer Officers into their C-Suite. The rationale being that organizations need to be much more customer centric and need to understand their customers better and having someone responsible for this will go a long way in creating the necessary f0cus within the organization to achieve great customer service. However, in my opinion, having a Chief Customer Officer in place does more harm than good! Listening to customer’s and acting on it becomes someone else’s responsibility […]

The true potential of enterprise mobility

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is when you re-think & re-design all your processes, work-flows for a world where everyone (yes, everyone) only uses a mobile device. How will all the processes (purchasing, invoicing, production planning, material handling, etc) change? How will the applications that you use change?¬†How will your ERP system need to change? What will be the effect on how you manage production? How will you service your clients? How and where will your employees work from? What will your reporting change? Will you still require so many middle managers? Mobility offers you this possibility to re-wire, re-design and re-write the DNA of […]