Giving Ourselves the Best Gift Ever Possible

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I recently watched this video from Apostolos on the Design Collector Feed. Apart from being a visually stunning piece of work, the video also talks about a very important, if not the most important thing that each and everyone of us should never forget – to live in the moment and be fully present in the NOW. Before I go further, request you to take the 3 minutes and 47 seconds to watch and listen to the video first. Splendor of Existence from Apostolos Stefanopoulos on Vimeo. Its that time of the year, when we are either reflecting on what […]

Personal Focus in a Word for 2015

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I read on Mitch Joel’s blog about the concept of 3 words in a year that Chris Brogan started and Mitch and others have made into a tradition. I tried this out last year and decided to go with a single word instead of three – “Transformation”. I must say that this helped me a lot by being my compass in everything that i did and I grew more than I had ever did. You can find my post at the start of the year and my self-appraisal at the end of the year. So, it is time to pick […]

How To Build Organizational Culture

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Recently, I was moderating a design thinking workshop and talking about how it is critical to foster a culture of innovation within the organization and that it is responsibility of the leaders to build & nurture this culture. Some one stopped me and asked the following question: ” As a leader, what can i do to build the culture that i want for my team or organization”. For a moment, i was lost for the right words. I then took a pause and collected my thoughts and responded such: Building a culture is like gardening. Irrespective of what you do […]

Transforming Organization Culture

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This weekend I happened to watch a play by “Yours Truly Theatre” titled “Bhagwaan Dhoondo“, which loosely translated means “The Search for your Own God”. It was by all means an enthralling performance, which ended with a standing ovation from the audience. It was funny, thought provoking and entertaining throughout. What was most interesting thing about the play was that it was of a genre called “Interactive Theatre”, which is a kind of Improv theatre and has two parts to the play: The first part is rehearsed and performed by the actors. This part tells a story of the protagonist. It stops at a […]