Why don’t credit card companies understand customer service ?

I got an SMS from my credit card provider (IndusInd Bank) indicating that I am eligible for an increase in my credit limit. The SMS also informed me that I should send an SMS with a specific text to a specific number.

I did exactly that.

Guess what happens next?

Nothing ;-(

No response from the service provider whether my SMS was received or not!

No response from the bank if the credit limit is increased or not!

What can be worse? I get the same SMS again 10 days later and when I send the SMS again, nothing!!!

Why can’t the bank put in place a simple process that informs the customer if the SMS was received and if the credit limit is increased or not?

These are simple things that really put off customers.

I think the time is ripe for the credit card business to be completely disrupted. Sometime in the next couple of years we shall find that the plastic will disappear and  the entire credit/debit card will go virtual with the biometrics as the unique identification.

The bank that takes this leap of faith first will stand to gain a lot of market share as virtualization of credit cards can eliminate a lot of hassles of using credit cards and has the potential to exponentially grow the credit business.