Are You Setting Yourself Up For Failure

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The Situation: My job entails a lot of travel and that has resulted in me amassing a decent number of miles on an airlines frequent flier program. A few weeks back, I got an email from the airline announcing that they will equip their aircrafts with wi-fi and if I downloaded an app, I shall be able to have access to an array of inflight entertainment options. I love watching movies. This was exciting news for me as it gave me an opportunity to catch up on movies that I had missed watching when they originally screened. So, excitedly, I […]

The Tale of 2 Hair Stylists

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I would like to share with you what I have seen happen with two hair stylists in my neighbourhood. I would call the first hair stylist one as HS1. This saloon has been around in my neighbourhood for a long time, about 15 – 16 years. The stylists who work here used to know all their customers by name. They were very good at what they did. However, over time, the owner became cynical and took his customers for granted. All the small talk vanished and instead was replaced by a cynical look and the scorn on face. This change […]

Right Data at the Right Time to the Right People

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Today I was travelling from Bangalore to Mumbai on an airline. I had a upgrade voucher that I used and got upgraded to Business Class. As soon as the flight took off, I realized that 6 of the 16 business class seats were un-occupied. That is such a waste of opportunity. The airline could have used this opportunity to delight at least 6 of their loyal customers. All the airline had to do was the following: Include the Frequent flier status/miles of the passengers in their manifesto. Once the boarding is completed and if there are vacant seats in the […]

What I Learnt About Engagement From My Son and His Friends

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We had planned a small new year eve party at our home yesterday. We had invited a few of my 10 year old son’s friends and our neighbors to the party. The plan was simple – Play some games, eat dinner and watch a movie to ring in the new year. The kids came in on time and we started off by engaging them all in a few games – getting them to dance, compete against one another and in general have fun. It was all good until it was not so good. As long as we adults were totally […]

Customer Engagement Vs Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Vs Customer Engagement

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Yesterday, I went for my regular, monthly haircut and this time chose a different hair dresser from my usual one.¬†For the first few minutes the dresser was talking to me, enquiring how my day was, wanting to check what my expectations were and also about where i lived. Couple of minutes in, one of his colleagues walked in and they both started having a conversation about something that was common between both of them, totally ignoring me. Though, I think that the result of the hair cut was better than I expected, I don’t think I will be going back […]