4 Simple Questions That Can Re-vitalise Growth for Your Cash Cow

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Every organisation that has seen some success has some form of a cash cow, which continues to grow and provide the fuel necessary for the organisation to invest in new products or services, which can bring in the next level of growth for the organisation. It is also inevitable that at some point in time the growth in the cash cow would slow down. If by that time, the organisation doesn’t already have another product/service that can take the place of the cash cow, then the organisation is in troubled waters, when it comes to continuing to grow. The general […]

The future of TV

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With the convergence of Internet, high-speed broadband and smart devices (smart phones and tablets), everyone agrees that the TV as we know it will no longer be the same. Apart from the hardware itself morphing into different shapes and sizes, getting more and more intelligent and connected, the content and the way it is consumed will also see a dramatic shift. Everyone has their own predictions and are investing in the future accordingly. Erica Emmich, CNBC Associate Producer , did speak to a lot of experts and asked them on what are their predictions for the future of  TV. Ashton Kutcher (Actor, […]