Changing the World needs us to change the way it works…

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One of the things that almost every entrepreneur does, whether they start out thinking about doing it or not, is that they change the world that they are a part of. Here is a short movie that illustrates a shares a very important point about changing the world: If we want to change the world, we need to change the way it works! The movie shows that it is our responsibility to not only understand how the world works but also to take responsibility to break away from the norm (if required) and bring about the change that we believe […]

40 + 15 Alternatives to College

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The value that college education brings to a student has been questioned for sometime now. I had earlier written about this challenge here, here and here. The increasing amount of student debt combined with the rising unemployment rates are a testament to the fact that the conventional education system is not currently broken. In this situation, James Altucher has listed down 40 alternate ideas to a formal college education (which comes with the debt) in a slide deck that he shared on slide share. I would like to add my own list of alternatives to college education as below: Join someone […]

Interesting discussion on the future of education (Video)

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Below is an exciting conversation between Fred Dust (Partner, IDEO), Michael Karnjanaprakorn (Co-Founder and CEO, Skillshare); Tim Marshall (Provost and Chief Academic Officer, The New School) and Andrew Yang, Founder and CEO, Venture for America. These are some of the pioneers who are exploring new ways to prepare our kids for their future (what else does education do). Though, I agree with most of the things that are being discussed here, I think that true revolution in education will only come once we are able to integrate such efforts in the mainstream education movement. Also, we all say that education […]

Education Unleashed: Now It’s All Up To You

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Education Unleashed: Now It’s All Up To You. Very interesting and informative piece, put together by John Mayerhofer, Vice President, Innovation, SAP. Notes section has a lot of information on all the resources currently available for anyone who wants to learn (anything). I have taken a course on Coursera and can talk by experience that this is a great tool for continuous education for anyone with an internet connection and a will to learn. In my opinion, education as a sector is ripe for complete disruption and online education offerings will play a big part in this disruption. The current education […]