Lessons in Storytelling That I learnt from TED Conference Speakers

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Lessons in Storytelling From TED Conference Speakers by Mukesh Gupta Premise: Story telling has been one of the most memorable and influential ways to spread ideas. The TED conference is so popular because the speakers in the conference are mostly good at telling stories – stories that they are passionate about and that passion spills over to the audience and we are able to connect. Also, note that the duration of these talks are not very long. So, I wanted to learn if there are any story telling secrets that i can learn from the TED speakers. Also, I thought […]

Seven Secrets of Highly Effective Storytelling

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If there is one skill that would help you to connect with your peers, customers, partners, spouse and kids equally and set you up for success, it is the ability to tell a story well. The most effective way to influence people is through powerful stories. The wonderful thing about this is that it is a skill that all of us can acquire with practice. I stumbled upon a video where¬†J.D. Schramm walks us through seven secrets to effective storytelling. You can watch the entire video below. And if you are short on time, let me summarize the seven secrets […]