The Journey is the Reward – 5P’s 

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This post talks about why it is important for entrepreneurs to enjoy the journey of entrepreneurship as a rewards by itself.

Hiring – Whose Job is It Anyway?

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Oh No, not another interview 🙁 This is how I felt when I was asked to attend my 4th interview for a customer service role at Saint Gobain Glass more than a decade back. I had already gone through a series of aptitude tests and 3 rounds of interview. Finally, when I thought that I had the job nailed, I got this request asking me to visit their office for another interview and this one will be conducted by the MD himself. During the entire interview, I felt as if i was being evaluated for my character and judgement. To […]

3 Things That I Look for When Hiring

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We all end up in a situation when we are required to hire someone. It might be to grow your business or to replace someone who has decided to move on her career.  There is already lot of good advice on hiring best practices. However, I would like to share with you three things that i look for in a candidate before deciding to hire her.  Passion: The first thing that I look for in a person is passion. The passion could be for any topic, not necessarily their jobs or roles in the past but for any topic. I […]

The Most Important Decisions That we Make as Leaders

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In 2006, I was being interviewed by Saint Gobain Glass for a role in their customer service, production planning and logistics team. I had to go through 2 levels of screening by the HR agency, followed by an aptitude test, an interview with the hiring manager, the HR manager and then finally by the MD himself. I was told that the final interview for every employee hired in the organization was done by the MD himself (it was a 250 employee organization when I was being interviewed), irrespective of the role the employee is being hired for. That did not […]

Three Things That I Look in a Person Before Hiring

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I read a wonderful post by Shane Parrish titled “Warren Buffet: The three things I look for in a person“. Here he shares three qualities that Buffet looks in a person: Integrity Intelligence Energy He also thinks that without the first, the other two don’t matter much. This reminded me of my mentor and his principle’s while deciding to work with someone. His list was as below, in the order of importance: Integrity Passion Ambition Again, he said that without the first, the other two are a sure recipe for disaster. However, when you add that in the mix, it plays the role […]