Finding Our Centre Of Excellence

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I read a post by Mitch Joel (one of my insanely awesome people) where he proposes a 7 step model to define what could be our centre of excellence. Please do read his post here. I wanted to do this exercise and the result is as below: The Tactic: My tactic of my primary output is content, just like Mitch himself. The Format: My format is text and audio. The Frequency: This is a place where i need to improve significantly. I have committed to myself that i will create content everyday in text and at least once a week in […]

Innovation – Simple and Effective

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I was driving home from office yesterday when I caught a glimpse of this advertisement on a small restaurant (Lemon Rice) on St. Johns Road in Bangalore. I was so happy to see this. This also tells us that any one who wants to can innovate. This also tells me that small entrepreneurs who hustle can be extremely innovative. This is how they survive. This also tells me that innovation can be as simple as applying a concept that works elsewhere and try it out in a different environment. In this case, the owner of this small scale restaurant took […]

PBTO40: Transforming Observation into Innovation with Andrea Simon

Posted on Leave a commentPosted in Innovation, Podcast Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSS Who is on the Show: In this episode, we are hosting Dr. Andrea Simon. She is the principal and founder of Simon Associates Management Consultants (SAMC) and the author of the upcoming book “On the Brink”. Why is she on the show: She is a corporate anthropologist and helps organizations, large and small, drive change by helping them rethink their strategy, customers and the culture in your own organisation. She has won numerous Addy and Aster awards for her marketing and advertising campaigns. She is a well-published author with […]

Book Review: The Digital Transformation Playbook (3.5/5)

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I review the book Digital Transformation Playbook by David Rogers.

Invisible Problems

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This post talks about the starting point of all innovations – noticing invisible problems and how can we go about learning the skill..