The Role of Imagination in Creating The Next Set of Breakthrough Innovations

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I stumbled across the article that Vannevar Bush wrote in 1945 for the Atlantic. You can read the entire post here. The reason I am interested in the post is because this post is a living proof about the role that imagination can play in the innovation process. He was able to predict in part what would the world look and feel like much ahead of his own time. What is interesting is also the method that he uses in order to come up with his ideas. Let me try to share what i learnt from his approach and how […]

What retail industry can learn from networks

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I was reading a blog by Om Malik on his discussion with Pradeep Sindhu, co-founder of Juniper Networks. They had a long discussion on the future of networks. What stood out for me was how much can retail chains learn from the way the networks are evolving. There are quite a few parallels that we can draw from networks/clients to retail industry. For example, lets equate network providers to retail chains, the bandwidth to the inventory on offer and clients (mobile and otherwise) to the retail outlets. In such a comparison, the following aspects come out of the entire discussion: […]