PBTO49: Our Bias Against Creativity and How to Overcome it with Jennifer Mueller

Who is on the show:

In this episode we host, Dr. Jennifer Mueller. She is the author of a recent book Creative Change, and is a faculty of many top business schools including the Wharton School, Yale School of Management and NYU’s Stern School of Business.  Her paper, “The Bias Against Creativity,” went viral and was downloaded over 65,000 times—receiving more than 100 media mentions.

Why is she on the show:

He book Creative Change, tackles a very important topic. While it is a no-brainer that almost all organisations would like to innovative and come up with creative solutions, not many are able to do so. As we explore the reason, it does turn out to be this bias against creativity. So, if organisations want to become more creative and spur innovations, it is important to not only understand more about this bias, but also put in place all the needed triggers and processes to ensure that we dont get stuck in this bias. In my opinion, her work is critical for organisations to be able to build up an innovation process that could deliver innovations on a consistent basis.

What are we talking about:

In this free-wheeling conversation, we talk about:

  • What is the bias against creativity? Who has this bias? How can we find out if we have this as well?
  • How can we, as leaders and people who decide what ideas get funded in organisations, ensure that we don’t fall prey to this bias?
  • How does one go about building a culture of Innovation
  • What changed in her belief as a direct result of her research?
  • What does she do in order to continue to learn and stay on top of her game?
  • And what she thinks is so obvious but we all still miss.
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How can you reach her:

You can reach him on twitter at @jennSMueller or through her website.