Finding Our Centre Of Excellence

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I read a post by Mitch Joel (one of my insanely awesome people) where he proposes a 7 step model to define what could be our centre of excellence. Please do read his post here. I wanted to do this exercise and the result is as below: The Tactic: My tactic of my primary output is content, just like Mitch himself. The Format: My format is text and audio. The Frequency: This is a place where i need to improve significantly. I have committed to myself that i will create content everyday in text and at least once a week in […]

Lessons In Customer Loyalty

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The Offer: I got a message from Raymond indicating that they missed me as I had not shopped with them for some time and that they would love to have me back to their shop. And that they would like to give me a  gift of INR 500.   It clearly says that the discount code is not valid for a certain items and end the message with T&C, with no further information. I did feel good about this and decided to take them up on their offer. I visited their showroom and was in for a surprise. The first […]

PBTO36: Why Giving a Damn is Underrated and Caring is a Competitive Advantage with Bernadette Jiwa

Posted on Leave a commentPosted in Marketing, Podcast Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSS In this post, we host best selling author, Bernadette Jiwa. She has a blog “The Story of Telling” where she shares her thoughts on marketing and branding in general and brand story telling in particular. She is one of the top 100 marketing/branding experts to follow on Twitter. In this conversation, we dig deep into her latest book – Meaningful. She shares multiple stories that form the crux of her Story Strategy blueprint. You can find all the case studies that she mentions here. You can reach […]

The Rule of One

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I reached home late yesterday. My son was waiting for me to come home so he can show off what he did the day and spend sometime with me, playing and simply chilling. I was tired and so distracted. While I was talking to him, I was also distracted and not fully with him. He was able to sense that and tell me to stop everything and be with him for sometime. My wife has caught me many times fiddling with my phone while talking to her. I understand that this is a cardinal mistake that I do when it […]

Invisible Problems

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This post talks about the starting point of all innovations – noticing invisible problems and how can we go about learning the skill..