We Become the Stories We Tell Ourselves

We have all heard the famous quote from Henry Ford:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

This quote captures something that is so important and fundamental, that I have come to think of this every single day for the past few weeks. I then stumbled up on the video below:

I think that this is a powerful video. It goes on to show that that we as individuals and society become the stories the sum total of the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.

So, if it is your dream to transform yourself or the society, the best place to start at is to find out the narrative that you or the society tells themselves. This is exactly what people like Gandhi and Martin Luther King did, changed the stories that millions of people told themselves.

This is exactly what brands like Nike and Apple and Coke are doing to us. They create compelling stories that we want to believe to be true about ourselves and the moment we do, we are hooked to the brand and what it stands for.

You can create a new habit, quit an old one, by changing the story that you tell yourself. So, it is critical that you are intentional about the stories you tell yourself.

So, what is your story? What will you change in the story that you tell yourself?