The Art of Customer Delight – Every Little Thing Matters

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I was out shopping with my wife and son at a large 3 floor retail outlet. We were looking to buy something for all three of us and as is normal, spent quite a bit of time at the store. It was then that I felt thirsty. I approached an employee and the conversation that took place was something like this: Me: I am feeling thirsty. Can you pls tell me where can I find some water? Employee: Sir, you need to go to the 2nd floor. That is where you will find the water filter. Me: Don’t you have […]

Niche E-commerce Product that Helps Old Indian Art forms Stay Alive – NatsyByDesign #1000Entrepreneurs

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This post reviews the ecommerce site and ideas for the founders to improve the business.

Idea for a disruptive biz-model innovation for banks

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There is a lot of discussions and activities around the revival of the good old ATM. Some are trying to make these machines more Customer-centric like¬†Wells Fargo. Some are trying to improve the overall user experience of the ATM like¬†Diebold. However, the true question should be the following: “Do we even need an ATM? Is there a better, easier, faster way to manage cash than via an ATM?” The first bank to figure out the answer to this question has the potential to truly disrupt the banking industry from a cash management perspective. One way that I think could be […]

Are large Indian retailers battle ready?

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In their current state of operations, Indian organized retailers are in no way equipped to compete with the likes of Walmart, Tesco or Target. Let me re-count to you my experience based on which I have come to this conclusion. Last week, I went grocery shopping with my wife to a large format retail store in Bangalore. I was appalled at the thoughtless design of the store and the lack of the willingness to serve the customers in the entire staff. In my opinion, there are 2 key performance areas which are critical for a retailer to succeed in a […]

Ideas for Big bazaar to improve their check-out situation..

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I am one of the many people who dread the thought of going to Big Bazaar for shopping but do so due to other social compulsions. The reason I dread going there for shopping is the time it takes to check out once you have completed your shopping. There have been instances when it has taken me more than 60 minutes to check out. There have been times when I’ve dropped the articles I had selected after seing the que at the check-out counter and left for home as I thought it is not worth standing in a que for […]