66 Things You Should Know About Your Customer & some more

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I just came across the article “66 Things You Should Know About Your Customer” in the Inc.com website written by Harvey Mackay. He talks about the importance of knowing your customer in selling to them. He also stresses the fact that, even though you may be selling to a business or an organization, the real buyer is still an individual and it is important to know about the individual as much as you know about his company, if not more. He also has developed Mackay 66, a 66-question customer profile that includes absolutely no information about the envelopes a company […]

Selling real estate (Homes)

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I have been out house hunting for some time now and am appalled at the quality of sales people and sales processes that are being used by the best in the industry. The current sales process works as follows: Prospecting: Use advertisements (traditional & new age), road shows, email campaigns, etc to create awareness and interest in the project. Prospects who are interested in the property contact the builder. Qualification: The prospect is maintained in some system, CRM or otherwise, for future follow-ups. The only qualification question that is asked are the following: Type of apartment is the prospect interested […]