5 Rules to Follow – Simon Sinek

I came across this video where Simon Sinek talks about 5 rules to live by. He shares these lessons through some very interesting and compelling stories. I highly encourage to watch the video below (about 18 mins). If you don’t have the 18 mins and want to know what are the 5 rules that he talks about quickly, they are as follows:

Go after the things that we want:

There are two ways to see the world – to see what we want or to see everything that stands in the way of what we want. Rule is – We can go after any thing that we want. We just can’t deny anyone else what they want. Let’s focus on what we want and go after it rather than focus on what is in the way of what we want.

Two ways to think of the world - see what we want or see what stops us from getting what we want -@SimonSinek Click To Tweet

Sometimes we are the problem:

Let’s take accountability for our actions. There are times when we are the problem, our belief system is the problem, our mindset is the problem and at times our actions is the problem. Let’s own it up. Without accountability comes no responsibility and without responsibility comes no success. Let’s be accountable.

Without accountability comes no responsibility and without responsibility comes no power -@SimonSinek Click To Tweet

Take care of each other:

Its not about how tough, smart or how fast we are. It is about helping people to the left of us and the people to the right of us. Its about accepting help when we are offered and learning to to ask for help, when needed. Help is available for those of us who seek help. Remember, we can’t do it all by ourself.

Asking for and accepting help is a super power. Lets develop it @SimonSinek Click To Tweet

Learn to be the last to speak:

Lets learn the skill to hold our opinion till we have heard everyone else. Empathise. Lets try to understand not just what are the opinions of others but also why they have the opinion they have. Lets sit in a circle (no power play) and be the last to speak. Its the smart thing to do.

Holding our opinion till everyone else has spoken is the wise thing to do. @SimonSinek Click To Tweet

Its not meant for you but for your position:

Lets learn the lesson of humility. Lets learn that perks of success is for our position and not for ourselves. We  deserve coffee in a styrofoam cup. Lets not allow success and the perks that it comes with, go to our head.

We deserve our coffee in a styrofoam cup. Everything else is not for us but for our position @SimonSinek Click To Tweet

Here is the full video.


In conclusion, I think these are simple yet profound advice for not just students or youth of our nations to follow but for all of us to live our lives by. What strikes me the most about the video is the stories that Simon shares and how each of the story leads back to what he wants to talk about. Also, what shines is his optimism. I do share that with him, even today. Humanity has survived a lot of tests and I am sure that we will survive the current tide as well.