Skills, Attitudes and Habits that Make Us Better Leaders

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We all know (either by experience or by research) that people who like us and trust us are much more likely to work with us or refer us or our services to their peers, friends and social circles. In his book “Top of Mind“, John Hall talks about some rules, skills and habits that can help us become more likeable, trust worthy and top-of-mind, as he calls. These are: Shift the spotlight: This is easy to say but extremely difficult to do. A lot of us enjoy being in the spotlight and find it difficult to leave it, let along […]

How to Get Better at Dealing with Change

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We live in an age where we see accelerating change all around us. Large, extremely successful businesses go bankrupt in a matter of years, if not quarters; companies with billion dollar evaluations are born in the matter of years; as consumers, there is something new that is becoming a rage almost every week. Change is all around us. Whether we like it or not, we will have to deal with change – in our personal lives as well as in our professional lives. The question then is the following: Do we embrace change and benefit from it or resist change […]

As Leaders, We all Should Follow Rule No. 6

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In his book, “The Art of Possibility“, Ben Zanders offers pearls of wisdom. One of the most important piece of wisdom that we can learn from the book is what he refers to as “Rule No: 6”.   If as leaders, we follow this rule, we could potentially make less mistakes and learn much more from the one’s that we do make; If as parents, we followed this rule, we create the possibility of a long, well nurtured and meaningful relationship with our children; If as spouse, we followed this rule. we can create the possibility of a much more deeper and […]