Customer Engagement (delight) at its best

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The facebook team of posted on their pagethe following post: They got about more than 300 responses to thisquestion. One of the responses was the one below:  They selected this fan, called her and offered herto choose a watch from their collection and they will ship it to her mom forfree. She was totally wowed!!! The team does not stop there. They take herpermission to post their conversation as a video on their facebook page (whichshe gladly agrees to – who wouldn’t in her position ;-)) Now, there are even more people who are wowed by thevideo and here […]

Building great products

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I have been thinking about a lot of great products that have now become an integral part of our life aka Google, iPods, iPads, SAP ERP, Zappos, Facebook, Twitter, Intuit, Amazon, Mitticool, etc..  When I think about what is common across these products and their growth to super-stardom and i found these common traits: Great products are highly focused in solving a particular need of a particular customer. No product ever succeeds if it tries to solve a lot of problems for a lot of people.  Great products are very simple to learn & use. Great user experience can make the difference […]

Zero Inventory Retail Business Model

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I recently came across a company, CornerStone which has implemented a unique retail business model where the physical stores do not hold any inventory at all. All the inventory is maintained at the central warehouse from where all shipments are made. I think they should go one step further and tailor the garment only upon the receipt of an order. They also provide an online store from where you can purchase. The business model is unique in the industry as it combines the best and worst of the virtual and real world models. Low or zero inventory at the retail […]