There Is a Revolution Brewing Inside of Everyone of Us.. Its Time to Own It & Lead It..


In this irreverent talk, creator, teacher and artist par excellence – James Victore shares his thoughts on Revolution. He believes that revolution is not something out there – Its Us. Its in us. There is a revolution waiting to happen inside each of us. This is exactly what Nilofer Merchant refers to in her book – Onlyness.

Both of them believe that it is us who keep this “Onlyness” and the “Revolution” oppressed inside of ourselves. It is time to not only accept and embrace it, but time to celebrate this and unleash it in its full creative strength in this world.

The world needs us, our onlyness and the revolution that only we can lead! It doesn’t matter if we are creatives, employees or entrepreneurs.. This applies to all of us!

So, what are we going to do about our “Onlyness” and our very own “Revolution”?

Enjoy the video!

Watch Nilofer talking about Onlyness.

PS: I would really like to host both James and Nilofer on my show, sometime soon.