Going from Products to Services

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One of the biggest challenges that most product organizations face is to constantly innovate and be a step ahead of their competitors. Most of us tend to continue to remain in the boundaries of more features/functions or newer products, etc. Most of these changes will work for you for sometime, but soon your competitors will catch up. Then the whole cycle starts again. One way to break this cycle is to package your product into a service. Though this may seem a very simple idea, it is very difficult to execute. And precisely for this reason, the pay-off for this […]

New Business Model from Very Unlikely of Places #Publishing

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I stumbled upon The New Enquiry by chance and was totally blown away, both by their content and their business mdoel. They are an Ad-Free online magazine & survive by the way of subscriptions (2$ per month) & donations. And they don’t have a firewall. So, for all practical purposes, they create and share content that is free for anyone to consume but still people are willing to pay subscription to receive the same content but in coherent, thematic clusters, which is more intuitive and easy to read. In an interview given to “Columbia Journalism Review“, the founders claim that they […]

Elon Musk’s HyperLoop – Hope or Hype

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At last Elan Musk unvieled his design for ultra speed travel system – HyperLoop. I think that the idea that he laid out in a 57 page document, is as good an idea as we might have currently. However, After having read through the generic description, I think that this is a good start to the pursuit of sub-sonic ground transportation. However, in its current state, this concept is impractical due to the fact that the entire concept seems to have been designed with the Los Angeles to San Fransisco route in mind, which, is mostly without much curves in the […]

Future of The NewsPaper Industry

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Jeff Bezos has stirred up a lot of interest in the News Paper Industry by acquiring “The Washington Post” in his individual capacity. There are a lot of expectations now from him and Washington Post to define the future of this industry. If he succeeds to turn-around the loss making paper, that could pave the way for the other players in the industry to follow suit. If he fails to turn this around, people think that it could very well signal the end of an era. As part of an experiment, I thought what would make me love my newspaper […]

Some Advice for Start-ups with Ad based Biz Models

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I believe that start-ups that are working on ad-based revenue models are in for a rude shock. In my opinion, this model has lead to the demise of one too many interesting start-ups. Some reasons for me to having arrived at this decision are as below: Advertising industry itself is going through a major tectonic shift and will need to re-discover itself in a new avatar before it can support any new business model. Having an ad-based revenue model is worse than having no revenue model at all as it provides start-ups with an illusion of revenue sooner than it […]