The Role of Creativity in the Life of a Product Manager

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The Role of Creativity in the Life of a Product Manager by Mukesh Gupta I have been invited to deliver a talk at an event titled – “A Day in the Life of a Product Manager“, which is scheduled for tomorrow (4th March 2017) and the talk is about “The role of creativity in the life of a product manager”. I personally believe that creative thinking is a critical skill that all of us need to develop among us but it is even more relevant if we want to be a product manager and give birth, grow and mature a […]

10 Principles of Timeless Design

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Good Design is by Mukesh Gupta I was reading about design and what design looks and feels like when I stumbled onto the 10 commandments of timeless designs that the legendary designer Dieter Rams had created to critically look at his own designs, early in his career. When I look at these commandments, I would call them principles of design, I felt that just like the designs that these commandments help become timeless, these commandments themselves are timeless. So, I wanted to not just share a link to an article or a poster, but actually list down these commandments on […]

Innovations Result from Solving Interesting Problems with Unique Insights

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Innovations Result from Solving Interesting Problems by Mukesh Gupta I read a blog post from Seth Godin titled – “Interesting Problems“. You can read it here. I have always held the opinion that the ability to ask Interesting Questions is key when it comes to staying in control of your innovation process. After reading the post by Seth, I think, solving interesting problems is a great path that can lead to asking interesting questions, which in turn leads us to interesting insights and eventually interesting innovations. So, the question that begs an answer is where and how can we find […]

Empathy and Sympathy

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Empathy & Sympathy by Mukesh Gupta One of the most difficult things for me when it comes to building strong bonds with people I constantly interact with, is the ability to empathise. I always was capable of intellectually understanding what the other person was going through but always found it extremely difficult to feel what they were feeling. I never quite understood why that was the case. I know a lot of people who are similar to me in this regard, so when I came across a resource that can significantly impact this aspect of our personality, I decided to […]

Simple Things That Could Hold You Back in Your Transformation Journey

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Simple Things by Mukesh Gupta Do we still need policies I do a lot of travel as part of my work and one of the side-effects of this kind of travel is for us to submit our¬†expenses to get the expenses reimbursed. One of these expense request got rejected with the reason that this is not according to policy and if I need to get the same approved, I need an approval from my CFO as an exception approval. I wrote to the CFO and he approved the request as it was a valid expense that I had incurred for […]