10 Things to Stop Doing This Year to Become More Effective

Do Less to Do More

One of the most expensive gift we all have is the 24 hours we have in a day. If we want to improve our effectiveness, we need to learn to be able to do more in less time. So, in order to do more , we need to do less. So, I have created a list of things that i shall stop doing in 2015 so that i get the time to do things that matter to me more.

Here is my list of things to stop doing in 2015:

  1. Stop Procrastination
  2. Stop Multi-Tasking
  3. Stop Trying to Please everyone
  4. Stop avoiding difficult conversations
  5. Stop searching Google or YouTube for everything
  6. Stop sitting too much
  7. Stop being busy all the time
  8. Stop Delegating people stuff
  9. Stop doing what need not be done right now
  10. Stop ideating and start shipping

What will you stop doing to make time to doing stuff that matter?