The Role of Imagination in Creating The Next Set of Breakthrough Innovations

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I stumbled across the article that Vannevar Bush wrote in 1945 for the Atlantic. You can read the entire post here. The reason I am interested in the post is because this post is a living proof about the role that imagination can play in the innovation process. He was able to predict in part what would the world look and feel like much ahead of his own time. What is interesting is also the method that he uses in order to come up with his ideas. Let me try to share what i learnt from his approach and how […]

Google to Alphabet and a New Model for Organisational Growth

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Google founders Sergey and Larry have the knack of doing unconventional things. They have done it again by giving birth to a parent company for Google – Alphabet. In a blog post, that seems to have surprised almost everyone, Larry explains their reasoning behind the need to create Alphabet and how the new structure will provide focus, leadership and independence to all their businesses, while allowing both Sergey and Larry the time and latitude to focus on their moonshots or the big bets that they are going after. In my opinion, the move is a good move because of the following reasons: This […]

PBTO20: A Crash Course in Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs by Mitch Joel (@MitchJoel)

Posted on 1 CommentPosted in Marketing, Podcast Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSSWho is on the show today: In today’s episode, we host Mitch Joel. Mitch is the President of a Digital media agency – Mirium. He is the author of two books –Ctrl Alt Delete and Six Pixels of Separation. He was a part of my list of insanely interesting people I discovered in 2014. He hosts a podcast called the Six Pixels of Seperation and blogs every single day here. Why is he on the show When Google wants someone to explain the latest developments in marketing to the top brands […]

Helping Google improve its search results ….

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Simple solutions for the troubles Google is facing on its search results:  Add a spam button to the search results which users can use to indicate that the result is a spam and change the search algorithm to be influenced by users marking a search result as spam. In true Google tradition, it can roll out a beta version and check if this works to improve the usability of the search and then continuously improve the beta. What else do you think can solve Google’s trouble on the quality of search results. 

Does Google really need Sex ?

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Paul Krugman wrote a post titled “Google Needs Sex” which was interesting to read. Lately, Google bashing has become fashionable. Everyone is complaining about the issues that Google has and why it is in its decline. I am sure that this will increase in ferver and quantity. Everyone has been complaining about the quality of results of search being the trouble at Google. My personal opinion is that the actual culprit is Google’s business model based on the Adsense program. It is because of this business model that the entire SEO industry cropped up and created a mess of their […]