Standing Out


We stand out

When everyone is self-obsessed, by being selfless

When everyone is shouting on roof-tops to be heard, by being silent

When everyone is trying to go fast, by slowing down

When everyone seeks scale, by focusing on that which can’t be scaled

When no one can be trusted, by being trust-worthy

When self-promotion is the norm, by shining the light on someone else

When everyone is trying to be interesting, by being interested

When everyone is running after the next big thing, by cherishing that which we  already have

When everyone is trying to fit in, by being comfortable in who we are

When we stand out not because we want to stand out, but because that’s who we are!

We stand out, when we are the exception to the rule!

This post was inspired by this post by Bernadette Jiwa

The First Rule Of Standing Out