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The Blueprint for Success

A Blueprint for Success

Maya Hu-Chan¬†wrote a blog post titled “Are you a global thinker” in which she explores what it takes to succeed in a global leadership role. She lays down a 5 step in becoming a global thinker: Understand your company’s global strategy and ambitions: Embrace a global mindset Get out there!...

Seven Secrets of Highly Effective Storytelling

If there is one skill that would help you to connect with your peers, customers, partners, spouse and kids equally and set you up for success, it is the ability to tell a story well. The most effective way to influence people is through powerful stories. The wonderful thing about...

Switch - Chip & Dan Heath

What can Sales Executives Learn from the Book “Switch” by Chip and Dan Heath

One of the most important skills that the sales executive policies leader needs to succeed is an ability to create a need or desire to change the status quo among their prospects and customers. In large, complex sales cycles, it is not just enough to be able to sell the...

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