Lessons in Marketing and Customer Engaement from A Hilarious TED Talk

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I recently stumbled on to this hilarious TED talk by a British comedian – James Veitch. Firstly, I would urge you to watch the TED Talk below: Lessons from this TED Talk: 1. Unsubscribe First and the most obvious lesson for marketers is for us to honour our subscribers wish to unsubscribe, by actually taking them off the list. One of the ways to do is by a double unsubscribe process: First you thank them for having been on the list for so long. You could potentially give them a parting gift, if that is in line with your brand […]

Will Artificial Creativity Trump Human Creativity?

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Artificial Creativity on the Rise Sony recently released two songs composed by AI and French composer Benoît Carré arranged, produced the songs, and wrote the lyrics.  You can listen to both the songs below: Sony has also announced a full album made by their AI to be released in 2017. Earlier, AI had written the screenplay for a short film (though it doesnt make too much sense, for now). You can watch the film below: It is already known that many media sources, including Yahoo, have been using AI to write articles for their websites. AI at Google has attempted its hand […]


3 Key Characteristics of Good Business Metrics

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I recently read a HBR article titled, Don’t Be Tyrannized by Old Metrics. The post talks about the importance of having the right kind of metrics for your business. In my opinion, metrics are like the dashboard you have on the car. They do have some value but are of no use if you are going in the wrong direction. However, if you know exactly where you are going, then the metrics can help you reach your destination safe and sound. This means that one needs to be fully cognizant of this fact when measuring metrics and taking decisions based on […]