Musings of A Salesman

Building Fiercely Loyal Communities

PBTO23: Building Fiercely Loyal Communities – @SarahRobinson

In today’s episode, we host Sarah Robinson. She is an author, keynote speaker, entrepreneur and a consultant. In my opinion, she has great ideas about how to create fiercely loyal communities. In this free wheeling conversation, we talk about the importance of building a fiercely loyal community, what defines a...

The Sand Castle

Leadership Lessons from An Oscar Award Winning Animated Short Film

I came across this oscar award winning animated short film and fell in love with it.. Before we proceed, pls watch the movie below. The Sand Castle by Co Hoedeman, National Film Board of Canada I think that the movie is so cleverly done that everyone who watches it can...

Customer Delight is the ultimate

PBTO22: Growing Your Business By Building an Army of Zombie Loyalists – @PeterShankman

In today’s episode, we host Peter Shankman. He is an author, entrepreneur, speaker, and worldwide connector. He is recognised worldwide for radically new ways of thinking about Customer Service, Social Media, PR, marketing and advertising. The New York Times has called him “a PR all-star who knows everything about new media and then...

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