Making Brainstorming Work

Making Brainstorming Work

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One of the most important skill that businesses need to develop is their ability to continuously innovate and stay ahead of their competition. One of the meta skills that organisations will need to develop if they are to flex their innovation muscle is the ability to do great brainstorming sessions. Earlier in the day, I stumbled onto the below video in which Bill Burnett talks about practices that can help you make your next brainstorming session highly productive. Before, I share my views on this topic, pls take a few minutes to actually watch the video below. Top Reasons why brainstorming sessions fail: […]


Are You Setting Yourself Up For Failure

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The Situation: My job entails a lot of travel and that has resulted in me amassing a decent number of miles on an airlines frequent flier program. A few weeks back, I got an email from the airline announcing that they will equip their aircrafts with wi-fi and if I downloaded an app, I shall be able to have access to an array of inflight entertainment options. I love watching movies. This was exciting news for me as it gave me an opportunity to catch up on movies that I had missed watching when they originally screened. So, excitedly, I […]


Lessons in Marketing and Customer Engaement from A Hilarious TED Talk

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I recently stumbled on to this hilarious TED talk by a British comedian – James Veitch. Firstly, I would urge you to watch the TED Talk below: Lessons from this TED Talk: 1. Unsubscribe First and the most obvious lesson for marketers is for us to honour our subscribers wish to unsubscribe, by actually taking them off the list. One of the ways to do is by a double unsubscribe process: First you thank them for having been on the list for so long. You could potentially give them a parting gift, if that is in line with your brand […]