Loyalty Programs and Building Loyalty

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One of the biggest challenges that brands face today is to find and cultivate loyal customers. Most brands have some sort of loyalty programs to reward loyalty from their customers. Most of these loyalty programs that I am a part of, totally miss the point of loyalty itself.  In general, the expectation from enterprise customers or consumers have significantly increased and they now expect brands to not just deliver great products and services but also acknowledge them as individuals and engage, excite and/or woo them to become loyal customers. Add to this, the fact that we are today also living […]

Giving Ourselves the Best Gift Ever Possible

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I recently watched this video from Apostolos on the Design Collector Feed. Apart from being a visually stunning piece of work, the video also talks about a very important, if not the most important thing that each and everyone of us should never forget – to live in the moment and be fully present in the NOW. Before I go further, request you to take the 3 minutes and 47 seconds to watch and listen to the video first. Splendor of Existence from Apostolos Stefanopoulos on Vimeo. Its that time of the year, when we are either reflecting on what […]

Finding Our Centre Of Excellence

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I read a post by Mitch Joel (one of my insanely awesome people) where he proposes a 7 step model to define what could be our centre of excellence. Please do read his post here. I wanted to do this exercise and the result is as below: The Tactic: My tactic of my primary outputĀ is content, just like Mitch himself. The Format: My format is text and audio. The Frequency: This is a place where i need to improve significantly. I have committed to myself that i will create content everyday in text and at least once a week in […]

Intelligent Failure

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I just came across this video where Rita McGrath shares her views on how to fail intelligently. First, do take some time and watch the short video below. She talks about the 4 different activities that constitute intelligent failure. How does success look like? I think she makes a great point here. One of the biggest challenge that I have seen in innovation projects is they have a big goal and know what success at the highest level looks like – successful product launch, getting the next round of funding, getting approval from the management to go into production, etc. […]

3 Reasons Why Your Business Growth Will Slow Down and How to Overcome Them

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Every organisation wants to grow their business. Every organisation also realises a simple fact that the more they grow, the more difficult it gets to grow. This is because growth creates complexity, and complexity is the silent killer of growth. This paradox explains the reason why many businesses are unable to sustain their growth or crumble due to their own weight after having gone through a period of exceedingly high growth. In their book, The Founders Mentality, James Allen and Chris Zook share three reasons for the slow-down of growth. Overload: This happens as the systems and processes in place […]