Musings of A Salesman

Sales Strategies to succeed in Selling to Busy executives

PBTO26: Sales Strategies to Succeed in Selling to Crazy Busy People with Jill Konrath

In today’s episode, we bring to you Jill Konrath. Jill is an author and a sales consultant. She has written three best selling books for sales people.                    In this episode, she shares her thoughts sales strategies and ideas for sales executives...

Who Should Own Customer Loyalty

Why Marketing Should Own Customer Loyalty

  When I ask a room full of marketing professionals, What is the role of marketing? the typical responses are some variation of “Getting customers into the sales funnel”. When I then ask them What role do they play in keeping these customers happy and loyal? Most of the marketers...

Fostering Innovation

PBTO 25: Fostering Innovation When Failing is Not an Option

Today, we host Peter Vander Auwera. HE is the founder of Innotribe and Corporate Rebels United. He shares what he has learnt from running an innovation incubator, where, failure is not an option. We talk about Different types of Innovations Collaborative Innovation Incremental Innovation The importance of building a Portfolio...

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