How Do You Stay Inspired Everyday

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I read a blog post today written by Robin Phillips with the same title and that got me thinking about how do I stay inspired and came up with the list below: Read I try to read a lot, everyday. My reading list is also very varied – from business blogs to design blogs to start-up news to innovation articles. The sheer diversity of what i read and the amount of creativity & innovation that i see happening in the world, through what i read keeps me motivated and inspired every single day. As much as it is important to […]

3 Inspiring Videos

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First video is an inspiring tale of someone who turned what many would assume to be a handicap into her strength and shows that if you really want to achieve something and are willing to pay the price, you can achieve anything in life. Second video is about a teacher who talks about the fact that every kid in this world needs someone who believes in the kid and what he/she can achieve. I believe this is true not only for the kids in school but for each of us at every stage in life. Third video is about how […]

Targeted Advertising Vs Intrinsic Advertising

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There has been a lot of interest lately in “Big Data” and how this will allow marketers to create campaigns that are targeted towards every individual consumer and hence will drive the consumption economy. I would like to differ on this. Though, there is no doubt that soon marketers will have the capability to be able to draw up and run such campaigns, I don’t believe that this form of advertising will be very effective. Our minds have the innate ability to mask everything that it does not want to see or acknowledge. Hence, the success rate of advertisement, however […]

How Children From a School Inspired a Nation (Video)

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I came across the TED video of Kiran Bir Sethi, founder of the RiverSide School in Ahmedabad and her work with the children in her school. If those children can do what they have done, there is no reason for us to complain about things that we can change. We need to get up and change what we do not want! I CAN Enjoy the video!